ALISON is a mobile version of ALIS with missing features!

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Finally, you can bookmark your favorite ALIS articles!

Download APK for Android. This is a development version.

What's Coming?

ALISON plans to implement these missing features!


The long-awaited feature of bookmarking has finally come to ALIS! Preserve good articles.

Follow Users

Follow your favorite users / writers so you won't miss an update from them!
(to be implemented)

Customized Timeline

Customize your timeline to show only what you would like to see, with topics, tags, and users.
(to be implemented)


ALISON will notify you of important events and activities, such as article uploads and receiving tips!
(to be implemented)

What is ALIS?
ALIS is a blockchain based social blogging platform where you can write articles and earn cryptocurrency via reward distribution and social tipping.
Primary Issues - Poor Article Organization / Low Quality Contents
One of the visions of the core team is to co-create the product and ecosystem with the ALIS community and they themselves focus on the security and resilience of the product, as a result, many of the fundamental features are left up to 3rd party applications.
The biggest issue as of today is it's a bit hard to dig up past articles as there aren't many ways to personally organize and preserve favorite articles. The articles on ALIS will be flushed into oblivion once they are out of the newly posted list and become obsolate. This is making the platform users produce lots of junk articles to earn easy money as it makes only a slight difference whether or not you write great knowledgable articles. Everything becomes obsolate and forgotten after a short period of time. ALIS is struggling to acquire and retain new users for a long time because of the lack of essential features and the poor information quality as a media platform.
ALISON is here to save the ecosystem!
ALISON will be developing and providing the users with the long-awaited missing features to help the project and the ecosystem grow faster. Even though most people today use the product on their mobile phones, ALIS hasn't had any mobile apps up to date. ALISON will be released both as an Android app and an iOS app to fill the gap.
but Why ALIS?
ALIS is the first major ICO project in Japan and the only project that has been prospering ever since with the enthusiastic community. Currently it is extremely hard to develop any cryptocurrency related project under all the rigorous regulations in Japan. However, if the ALIS project can become a role model of ICO / crypto-related projects in Japan, the regulations could be corrected and improved towards supporting innovation rather than suppressing it. Moreover, the growth of the ALIS project could accelerate the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Japan. ALISON may be a trivial app and only small help at first, but later play a big role and give huge impacts as it aims to be a broader gateway to the platform offering all the missing features the users truly need. ProductWhat is ALIS?Download ALISON

Who built ALISON?